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About us

Tibetian Spaniels are typically alert, playful and intelligent. I highly recommend them for both children and older people because due to their strong togetherness they may become important members of families.

I have been dealing with breading Tibetian Spaniels which are deemed to be quite rare in this country since 2006. My champion winner breeding pair was purchased that year, they are too old these days, so they enjoy the little pleasures of life as 'retired'. Due to lots of years spent together and experiences I felt that people need these lovable puppies. So I bought my new pedigree dogs from abroad in order to estabilish a new kennel.

Since then we have taken part in competitions with my successful puppies where they have already been awarded many times. I can proudly say that on the basis of the feedbacks puppies sold by me brought lots of happiness to the life of their new families.

If you are interested in my puppies, please contact me for further information.

Elsa & Panda's Awards:
 MG 7756

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